What are the top flooring trends for 2017?

What are the top flooring trends for 2017?

Home improvement marketplace Plentific  revealed that flooring is set to experience the biggest increase in investment, with an average 29 per cent of homeowners looking to spend more on this in 2017.

But with such a large choice available, where do we start? It obviously depends very much on which room is being updated. The 2017 Houzz UK Kitchen Trends Survey reveals that among those updating flooring in their kitchen renovations, ceramic and porcelain tiles is the preferred flooring choice (30 per cent), followed by engineered wood, and stone (both 16 per cent)

There have been incredible innovations in tile flooring which realistically mimic countless natural and man-made materials. This is the most prominent tile flooring trend in 2017 and, according to Houzz is likely to be so, for years to come. Topps Tiles state that in particular, wood effect tiles are one of the key emerging trends in interior design right now, capturing the beauty of natural timber and combining it with the durability and ease of maintenance of tiles. This look is not only suitable for the kitchen, but throughout the entire house too. This is a particularly  good option if you have underfloor heating as ceramic tiles transfer the heat most effectively, keeping your room warm and snug.

However, for others you cannot beat the allure of natural timber. House Beautiful sets out its top trends in flooring for 2017 and kicks proceedings off with richly coloured, dark floorboards as opposed to the light woods of last year. A feeling of drama can be created, especially when contrasted with deep, bright accessories. However, think carefully about the size of your room;  Floorboard specialists, Ecora warn that a darker floor will draw the room in, making it look smaller. So, maybe not the best option for a small space.

Even within the floorboard arena, there are many options and practical points to consider. For example, although reclaimed timber has an inevitable charm, it does require a certain amount of maintenance and is not the best option for under floor heating, which lends itself better to engineered wood. Natural wood shrinks and expands too easily under different temperature conditions. Again Ecora offers good advice about this.

What may come as a surprise is the big 2017 comeback of cork! But rid from your mind the 1970’s cork floor tile look, as cork flooring has had a serious makeover and comes in a range of super creative options. Not only is cork a stylish material idea that adds warmth and texture to spaces, it’s also ideal for absorbing noise in our increasingly large, open plan homes. Add to this its eco credentials and health benefits for the entire family, as Sisal & Seagrass explain, cork floors will not absorb dust, and are resistant to bacteria and fungus.  

One thing is for sure, gone are the days of just the limited option of wood, laminates, tiles, linoleum or carpet! The choice today is incredible and keeps getting better with each advance in technology. You can create the exact look you are after without having to choose between either style or practicality, but rather you can now combine and enjoy both!