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For the more discerning customer, a new modern and contemporary product  The All Glass Extension... Amazing looking rooms built entirely from Frameless Structural Glass!


Structural Glass Box Extensions

Our modern, contemporary, Frameless Conservatory Structural Glass Extensions,  (sometimes referred to as Glass Box Extensions or Structural Glass Box), have been developed over the last 30 years using commercial glass technology and specialist structural sealant applications to produce rooms made entirely of glass that can satisfy strict thermal and structural regulations with a unique and practical design.  Our Frameless Glass rooms have the added benefit of being able to externally view the fabric of the building through the glass, so the Frameless Glass structure is often favoured by Planning  and Conservation Officers, particularly on sensitive and Listed Buildings.  Often, our clients are wishing to blend the traditional listed building with a much more practical, modern, contemporary glass box look. As well as our state-of-the-art frameless glass structures, we can also supply balustrades, staircases, glass screens and roof lights that are custom-made to an extremely high specification.


"...The “Wow” factor of a totally transparent glass building is something quite amazing!..." Mr Mrs M. (London)


All Glass Room

Imagine sitting in your new tailor-made All Glass Room being in the garden whilst still indoors, in fact you might say, a Room Outside!  It can be designed to look like the glass just rises out of the ground, and projects out of your wall forming a complete room, made just from glass.  

 Click here for a FREE no-obligation consultation.  Imagine how you would use a Frameless Glass Room on your home, truly a Room Outside!  Our All Glass Extensions are built using Frameless Glass Structures allowing a completely new approach to maximise light and space by extending your home in glass.


"...there is nothing quite as beautiful as sitting inside our All Glass Room Outside extension admiring our garden through the glass whilst the snow fell outside, the sensation was such a thrill..." Mrs A. (London)


Special Structural Glass Technology

The structural glass units are made from a special thick toughened glass that meets Class A of BS6206.  The glass roofs are strong enough to be walked over as you will see during construction!

With our state of the art all glass extension technology utilizing both the latest double glazing warm edge advances and incorporating specialist coatings and Argon gas we are able to easily meet and exceed the latest Part L Building Regulations.  With certified and independent testing our All Glass Conservatory system has been adopted by many leading Architects for major building projects in and around London and the Home Counties.


"...the transformation to our living area with so much light and feeling of space has been quite remarkable... Our Glass Space is our favourite space.." Mrs M. (London)


Former CEO of Newton Investments purchases a Frameless Glass Room Outside

The successful business woman and mother of nine children,  Mrs Helena Morrissey  (as featured on the BBC News website regarding women in business), is a Room Outside customer. Purchasing a Frameless Glass Box, this structural glass 'roof-top' extension is a striking addition to their Notting Hill property.