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Let us take the hard work out of planning your conservatory or glass room extension

We know that sometimes planning a home extension project can be a little overwhelming.  You may have lots of questions about things ranging from whether you need planning permission for a conservatory, through to which type of glass extension will suit your home and requirements.  We have pulled together all of our frequently asked questions into one place to make it easy for you to find the answers. If your questions still  haven’t been answered, or you have a more specific question, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What area does Room Outside cover?

Our Frameless Glass Structures are available throughout most of the UK, and with our other products we can now cover the majority of the South and South East of England, including London and the Home Counties.

Room Outside can boast examples built the width and breadth of the Country including St. Andrews in Scotland and Royal Yacht Squadron on Isle of Wight.

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Why choose Room Outside over another company?

We have the reputation, stability, and longevity that you can trust, having been in business for over 4 decades. We are a specialist luxury Glass Room Extension company; we are NOT a double glazing window and door company that has decided to sell conservatories!

Room Outside has built more Glass Rooms throughout the South East of England than any other company. Our reputation has grown over 40 years and really is second to none in the area. We are now continuing to extend our renowned reputation into London, Surrey, Essex and beyond in collaboration with our specialist builder partners.  We have five decades of experience and our guarantee’s really show the pride and confidence we have in our products and workmanship.

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How much does a Room Outside glass extension cost?

We offer a premium product and the Room Outside name really does stand as a hallmark of quality, distinction, and style.

Choosing a Room Outside conservatory, orangery, glass box extension or garden room means that you can be sure to receive the very highest standard glass extension. Our glass rooms are custom-built, luxury products that are unique to you and your home, so every project is completely individual.  The material, style, size, configuration, and finish will determine your level of investment required to get your dream Room Outside, with our portfolio of projects starting around the £20,000 mark for a uPVC structure. Contact us for a FREE no obligation quote.

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What is the difference between a conservatory, orangery and garden room?

In simple terms a conservatory has a completely glass roof, while an orangery has a solid roof around the perimeter, and then uses the addition of one or several glazed lanterns to let in natural light. A garden room is traditionally built with a solid roof structure.

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Will my glass building complement the existing design of my house?

Yes, whether a conservatory, orangery, garden room or frameless glass extension, each is tailor-made and individually designed.

We have in-house designers who oversee all designs and ensure they fit your requirements and the style of your home perfectly.

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Will a conservatory or orangery add value to my home?

Yes, providing it’s done properly, it most certainly will.

A survey by the National Association of Estate Agents, regarding the top home improvements that could add the best value to your property revealed that a glass room extension featured highly at the top of the list. There are some key considerations to make when contemplating a glass room extension to ensure that you make the best investment, including ensuring your glass room is sympathetic to your current property and integrates well into your home. We have the experience and expertise to guide you on creating a glass extension that will be perfectly suited to your home and your lifestyle, adding value, and enhancing your lifestyle.

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What materials do you use?

Our glass room extensions and garden rooms can be built in environmentally friendly, sustainable traditional hardwood timber, beautiful British engineered aluminium and low maintenance uPVC or our striking contemporary structural frameless glass.

Our conservatories and orangeries are built from only the best quality products, which we have spent years sourcing, developing, and improving to ensure your glass room is durable, long lasting as well as stylish. We are so confident in our product that we offer a 30-year guarantee against all structural product defects.

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Can I knock down an external wall to open my home up to the glass room?

Yes, in most cases you can, but we will need to consider the impact on your current property, how that wall supports your home and any planning permissions required.

With a major structural alteration and opening to the house, the works will also require Building Regulations, which we have specialist technicians that can deal with this on your behalf.

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Will a conservatory be cold in winter and hot in summer?

No, Room Outside can offer our revolutionary ‘New Generation Glass’, a specialist double glazing that utilises state of the art technology to control the temperature of your glass room and is designed specifically for the British climate.

We were the very first company to exclusively introduce the revolutionary solar controlled Wonderglass™ into the UK market from Four Seasons Sunrooms in the USA in 1999. This has now been developed further and we believe that our New Generation Glass leads the field today, with its far superior specification, reflecting heat and light back to its source to keep your glass room at the optimum temperature throughout the seasons. NGG offers unsurpassed solar control alongside outstanding thermal performance, making this the best product in its class. These temperature control properties combined with self-cleaning technology make our glass perfect for the extreme demands of a room built entirely of glass.

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What type of double glazing do you use?

Our exclusive ‘New Generation Glass’ is a specialist temperature controlled double glazing that utilises warm edge technology with a spacer bar that is up to 950 times less conductive than aluminium.

This technology increases internal temperatures around the edges, and vastly improves insulation, combined with an exceptionally low U-Value, also ensures your room stays warmer in the winter. Our glass has a specially developed Low-E coating within the glass make up, and the double-glazed units are filled with Argon gas to maximise efficiency.

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Will having a glass roof let in too much light, heat and UV rays?

No, our specialist glass allows the right amount of light and heat through to provide optimum comfort in your glass room all year round.

With unsurpassed solar control alongside outstanding thermal performance, our NGG is the best product in its class. Our NGG roof units will reflect up to 86% of the sun’s rays, meaning that the sun’s heat is reflected or absorbed by the glass, reducing heat build-up as well as glare in the summer months. No other conservatory roof glass can compete with this level of performance. Using warm edge technology that vastly improves insulation, combined with an exceptionally low U-Value, ensures your room stays warmer in the winter. Our roof glass blocks virtually all harmful UV rays to help reduce not just the risk to you and your family, but also by helping to prevent damage to soft furnishings.

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Are your glass extensions secure?

Yes, all our products are designed and accredited to provide the very best security as well as being energy efficient and weatherproof, and to meet and exceed enhanced security performance.

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Can Room Outside do everything from the initial design to the final coat of paint?

Yes, Room Outside offers a bespoke design service and a “one stop shop” approach to its buildings.

You can have total peace of mind that once you have placed an order with us, our experienced specialist partner builders will run the whole project from start to finish.  You will have a dedicated Builder who will Project Manage and ensure the smooth running of your development with the minimum of disruption to you.

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Do I need Planning Permission?

It really depends on the size and style of the extension, your property, and the area that you live in.

Planning permission is a complicated area that is best left to the experts. Our planning agents can obtain this approval on your behalf.  Our applications are rarely rejected as we take care to consult with the planning officer before submitting our application.  If your house is listed or in a conservation area, our excellent longstanding relationship with Local Authorities and Planning Offices in the South East greatly assists us in obtaining the best solutions in the many delicate areas of planning including Listed Building Consent. You can gain further insight into Planning and Building regulations by reading our blog ‘Do I need Planning Permission?  Another helpful site is the Planning Portal.

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How long will the build take?

The length of a project really depends on the glass extension design and size, but on average the build will take between 6-12 weeks.

Once you have approved the designs and your build is booked in, we will be able to give you a schedule detailing our working hours and an expected completion date.

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Do you project manage the job?

Yes, we do. Our specialist builder partners project manage the day to day site activities, whilst the overall project is carefully overseen and managed by our experienced office team to ensure all runs smoothly and according to schedule.

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Who do I contact if something goes wrong during the build or even some time afterwards?

From the very beginning you will have a direct mobile contact with the project manager running your job, who will quickly arrange whatever is necessary to correct any problem.

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How often will I need to maintain and clean my Room Outside?

A conservatory, orangery or glass extension is a substantial investment, but if done well, the value it adds to your lifestyle and your property will far outweigh the monetary cost in the long term. To keep your new glass extension looking like new it is essential that you clean and maintain the frames, glass, and mechanisms annually to stop the structure degrading over time.

We would recommend having your structure valeted inside and out every 3-6 months to ensure that your glass room always looks at its best. If your Conservatory is regularly maintained it will last you for decades and can still look as good as the day it was built. We offer professional specialist conservatory and orangery cleaning, repair and maintenance services from our Groom Outside division.

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Will my Room Outside come with any guarantee?

Yes, you will be covered by our standard warranty on workmanship as well as our 30 year guarantee against failure of structural products.

Every structure is designed and built with the very highest of care and attention, using only the best in products and materials, so we are confident that with continued care and regular maintenance your structure will be around for many decades to come. To give you peace of mind and assurance in your investment we offer our customers a structural products guarantee, protecting you for a period of 30 years. Our guarantee is independently recognised as one of the best in the industry and totally unique to Room Outside. For full terms of our guarantee please contact us.

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How long has Room Outside been in business?

The first Room Outside was built in 1973. We are a well-established company that has built its reputation on fine bespoke design and the highest quality service. There are more Room Outside structures throughout the South of England than any other manufacturer.

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