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Technically speaking all conservatories, orangeries and glass extensions can be classed as garden rooms as they are added to the back of the home within the garden and connect your home to the outdoors. Traditionally though we class a garden room as a home extension that is partially glazed combined with a wooden, uPVC or aluminium frame and that has a portion if not all of the roof covered with tiles. Garden rooms are also popular as a standalone structure built within the garden.  Favoured frame choices are solid oak and hardwood timber, but they are equally as stunning built with uPVC or aluminium frames around the glazing.

Garden Room Office

A dedicated professional work space in your garden

A standalone garden room or garden room extension on your home could be the perfect solution to carving out a dedicated space to work from home.  Having an additional room which is completely separate from your home or that is partitioned off by doors will give the you the quiet professional space required to create a perfect work life balance. Often there is room to make your new room dual purpose to maximise the practical space solution it offers.

Versatile Spaces

Practical and Beautiful

Garden rooms are extremely practical and work well for use as a variety of spaces and even dual use rooms. The reduction in glazing and solid roof gives the room more privacy making them suitable for use as additional guest accommodation or even as an annexe for a family member.  They also make a great space for a garden kitchen and dinning room, exercise studio, music room, workshop or office.  The garden room is a versatile structure that offers both beauty and practicality in one.

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