Quality natural oak framed buildings and extensions

Our individually designed, bespoke oak buildings, extensions, garages, and garden rooms offer exclusive designs that will complement modern, traditional or even historic building styles. This high-quality, durable and natural material creates a beautiful building that will stand the test of time and transcend through the ages. Oak blends effortlessly with its surroundings making it a great choice for a contemporary home or even a listed building or a property in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Whatever features or unique qualities your own home has, an oak room will ensure that you are adding a stylish, graceful, and highly practical inclusion with a hallmark of quality and distinction to your home.

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Ethically sourced British oak

All of our oak frames utilise the beauty of oak crafted from ethically sourced and naturally sustainable sources – FSC, PEFC and other regional certification. Seasoned Oak is used for the structure, beams, window frames and doors. Adding an oak framed building or extension to your home brings an elegance like no other. The quality of the build as well as the natural style is well worth the investment to create a building that is both durable and classic in design.


Oak buildings and extensions

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