New Generation Glass

Advanced temperature-controlled conservatory glass

Interested in adding a conservatory or glass extension to you home, but worried it will be too hot in summer or too cold in winter? Exclusive to Room Outside, our revolutionary ‘New Generation Glass’ , temperature controlled conservatory glass, utilises state of the art technology to control the temperature of your glass room and is designed specifically for the British climate. We were the very first company to exclusively introduce the revolutionary solar controlled Wonderglass™ into the UK market from Four Seasons Sunrooms in the USA in 1999. This has now been developed further and we believe that our New Generation Glass leads the field today, with its far superior specification, reflecting heat and light back to its source to keep your glass room at the optimum temperature throughout the seasons. NGG offers unsurpassed solar control alongside outstanding thermal performance, making this the best product in its class. These temperature control properties combined with self-cleaning technology makes our glass perfect for the extreme demands of a room built entirely of glass.


Energy efficient solar control glass

As its name suggests, solar control glass helps regulate the amount of solar energy that enters a building. It saves both money and energy while boosting comfort levels inside the building. Its unique properties control the light levels as well as loss and gain of heat from the room, therefore reducing the need for additional heating and air conditioning. With the changeable British weather, it is important that your glass reduces the heat on a sunny day and keeps heat in during the colder months. Equally too little or too much sunlight light coming through your glass can also create an uncomfortable environment with glare or reduced visibility becoming a problem.


High performance roof glass

Our NGG roof units will reflect up to 86% of the sun’s rays, meaning that the sun’s heat is reflected or absorbed by the glass, reducing heat build-up in the summer months. No other conservatory roof glass can compete with this level of performance. Using warm edge technology that vastly improves insulation, combined with an exceptionally low U-Value, ensures your room stays warmer in the winter. Our roof glass blocks virtually all harmful UV rays to help reduce not just the risk to you and your family, but also by helping to prevent damage to soft furnishings.


Warm edge technology

Our NGG glass keeps your glass room comfortable by using warm edge technology with a spacer bar that is up to 950 times less conductive than aluminium, thereby increasing internal temperatures around the edges, and vastly improving insulation. The U-Value is under 1.0 depending on the option selected by our designers (measured in Watts per m2 per kelvin. The lower the U value, the warmer in winter the room will be). The glass has a specially developed Low-E coating and the double-glazed units are filled with Argon gas to further enhance the efficiency of the glass.



Low-maintenance glass protection

We can also treat your roof glass with our specialist polymeric resin treatment, which is applied to seal and protect the exterior of roof glass surfaces. This converts the surface from ordinary glass to non-stick low-maintenance, making the surface easier to clean, keeping it cleaner for longer, and more resistant to staining and discolouration in the future.

Solar and Thermal Controlled Glass

Want to see our New Generation Glass in action?

Here is a demonstration video using a tunnel of heat, to show you the difference in thermal control between conventional conservatory glass and our superior New Generation Glass technology.