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17th June, 2020

Benefits of timber framed conservatories and orangeries

Timber framed conservatories and orangeries provide an elegant, natural-looking and beautiful extension to your home.  Timber frames offer a high quality, luxury finish and can be used to create all shapes and sizes of glass extensions.  Timber says quality and will compliment any home style whether modern, traditional, or even Listed.

All shapes and sizes

The timber frame isn’t purely reserved for the more traditional conservatory shapes. It does, in fact, work well for more modern and contemporary styles of homes, offering the flexibility to achieve new shapes and designs.  Of course, it does still lend itself well to the popular Victorian and Edwardian styles and so is also the perfect material to add a glass extension that is sympathetic to the character and era of an older property, listed building or home in a conservation area. The timber frame is perfect whether you are looking for a smaller but perfectly formed lean-to conservatory or a large and impressive orangery extension.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly products

Timber framed conservatories and orangeries can be built from a range of hardwoods. Due to it being a natural product, timber allows homeowners to create an extension that not only complements the surrounding environment but also is conscious of the impact on the wider environment too. Choosing timber that is from a sustainable source and that has been grown and cultivated in a way that is gentler to the environment will make you feel good too.

Variety of colours and finishes

Colour choices and finishes are extensive with a timber frame conservatory, orangery or garden room. Your extension frame can be varnished or stained for a more natural look or choose a painted finish from a palette of natural, muted complementary colours. You can even go for a bolder colour choice if that’s your style and it suits your property.


Like all buildings, a timber-framed conservatory will require some maintenance to ensure it stays looking and operating at its very best, but by utilising the most technically advanced paints and treatments this can be kept to a minimum.

Long-term investment

Timber-framed glass extensions make a great long-term investment. They may cost a little more to build due to the craftsmanship that goes into working with wood, but they are extremely hard-wearing, look beautiful and the extra investment will be well worthwhile.  Done right, they can add value to your home, and if you ensure that your extension is well maintained, it will be around for many decades for you to enjoy.

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