Conservatory Glass Upgrade Service

Reduce heat in summer and minimise heat loss in winter with a conservatory glass upgrade

If you have an older conservatory or orangery you may be encountering difficulties in maximising the use of your glass space due to extremes of temperature fluctuations. Due to the unpredictability of UK weather, without enhanced glass technology, your space is likely to be uncomfortably hot and bright in summer and cold and inefficient in winter, limiting your enjoyment of the room. The solution? Upgrade to our exclusive New Generation Glass (NGG), a superior glass solution for the ultimate temperature and glare control.

If you are considering refurbishing rather than replacing your structure, our New Generation Glass Upgrade Service could be a worthwhile investment to get the most out of your glass room. Our Groom Outside service offers full refurbishment, glass upgrade, deep valet cleaning and maintenance to bring your older room back to its former glory. Customers have had great success in taking what was a hot-in-summer and cold-in-winter glass extension, to a comfortable relaxing space that they have fallen back in love with and can now use all year round.


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Enhanced comfort

New Generation Glass

Our innovative New Generation Glass is designed to manage temperature and light, ensuring your comfort year-round. Regardless of your structure’s type or manufacturer, we provide a comprehensive glass upgrade service, replacing your current conservatory or orangery glass with our NGG. This upgrade enhances your comfort and the energy efficiency of your space, allowing you to enjoy your glass room all year long and reduce the cost of heating.

High Performance

NGG Glass Roof

Our NGG roof units will reflect up to 86% of the sun’s rays, meaning that the sun’s heat is reflected or absorbed by the glass, reducing heat build-up in the summer months. No other conservatory roof glass can compete with this level of performance. Using warm edge technology that vastly improves insulation, combined with an exceptionally low U-Value, ensures your room stays warmer in the winter. Our roof glass blocks virtually all harmful UV rays to help reduce not just the risk to you and your family, but also by helping to prevent damage to soft furnishings. We can also treat your roof glass with our specialist Clearshield polymeric resin to protect and reduce the need for cleaning

Solar and Thermal Controlled Glass

Want to see our New Generation Glass in action?

Here is a demonstration video using a tunnel of heat, to show you the difference in thermal control between conventional conservatory glass and our superior New Generation Glass technology.