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04th October, 2023

Is a conservatory, orangery or frameless glass box extension a viable home office option?

Over the past few years, many businesses have already been making the move toward a remote and flexible business model allowing their employees to work from home. More recently, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown measures, many other businesses were forced to make homeworking work for them and it is likely that this shift will change the way many businesses work forever.

With more people than ever now working from home, it can be hard to carve out a quiet area to focus on work.

Is a Conservatory, Orangery or Glass Box Extension a viable home office option?

Yes, Conservatories, Orangeries and Frameless Glass Box Extensions are a great option to create a home office!

If you’re considering creating a permanent work area, adding a glass extension could be a stylish way to create a home office or multifunctional standalone space within your garden or as an extension to your home. They offer light-filled and functional spaces to be productive and creative as well as allowing you to be immersed in the outdoors, whilst being in comfort inside. Offices can traditionally be dark, stuffy and not conducive to a healthy working environment, but a glass extension is the opposite of this.  We need light, air and greenery to work efficiently and in optimum health. A glass extension or garden room can also make for a multifunctional space, so when you’re not working it can also offer a great place to relax, work out or even be artistic.

Home Office Options

A Multifunctional Space

A Conservatory will offer a natural light-filled space with full views of the garden and the ability to have the doors and windows wide open in the warmer months to take in the fresh air, but you will need to think carefully about the functions of the space. If you would require lots of office furniture, you will need to consider the amount and type of office furniture you would need to determine if a Conservatory would be appropriate for your home working space.

Conservatories generally incorporate shorter “dwarf” walls or are glass from floor to ceiling so can leave less wall space to stand taller furniture against; for example, you wouldn’t want to position a tall cupboard in front of the glass as it will not look as nice from the outside view. For taller furniture, you would need to have some good usable wall space where the extension attaches to your home or possibly design a higher wall on one of the elevations.  

A conservatory is a good option if you want to create a multifunctional space that offers an area for working and then another area for relaxing.

Homeworking with the WOW factor

Like the Conservatory, a Glass Box Extension can make for a spectacular contemporary space to work from.  They make great creative spaces, but again you would need to consider the types of furniture required due to the full height glass.  You would likely want to choose a modern style of furniture that makes a real statement to match the contemporary aesthetic of the Frameless Glass Box.

The other things to consider with a Glass Box home office would be the light and privacy needs. It’s great to work in a light and completely glass room, but it can also present challenges for viewing laptop or computer screens. If you require privacy for aspects of your work, a Glass Box office may require the additional cost of specialist blinds.

You will also need to consider the power outlets required for your office electronics and for comms connectivity if a cabled phone and internet connection are required. You will need to get them installed during the build as they are likely to be built into the floor along with cable tidying and control systems to enable you to create a free-standing desk space without unsightly and dangerous cables snaking across the floor.

A Glass Box extension is the pricier option but is well worth it if you want a space that is completely unique to inspire and motivate you throughout the working week.

A connected home office or stand-alone garden sanctuary

The Orangery’s more solid structural design lends itself well to creating an integral or stand-alone home office space. The Orangery traditionally combines solid walls with large windows and a lantern glass roof, so it’s great if you are looking for a more connected workspace that feels more integral to your home, but that can be closed off from the rest of the house. You will have more solid wall space to utilise for larger and taller office furniture, but still with the advantage of natural light pouring in and views of your garden.  This is a great option if you want to create a space that feels like it’s part of your existing home, but without many of the complexities of adding a solid traditional extension.

The fact that the Orangery has more solid walls also means that you can have one built as a completely stand-alone Room Outside in your garden. Another option for a standalone home office structure would be an oak building. Both of these options are great if you like the feeling of leaving home and entering your productive workspace each day. A Garden Room can create a small sanctuary for productivity, surrounded by nature and offers you some separation of work from home, with a tiny commute over the decking and past the rose bushes, hopefully with no traffic jams in sight!

Your home office project

Whichever glass extension option you choose for your home office project, ultimately you will be able to achieve a functional, stylish and beautiful space that you can tailor to your own tastes and needs, enabling you to quit the commute and enjoy your new home-based role.

If you would like more help and advice on your home office project, contact us to book a virtual or socially distanced meeting.  We will be happy to discuss the options with you, and provide you with a complimentary, no-obligation quotation.

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