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10th March, 2022

Large L-shaped uPVC orangery extension

This uPVC orangery offers a large L-shaped lounge space for our clients to relax. The inclusion of a log burning fireplace means that not only can the room be enjoyed in spring and summer, but it is also a cosy and warm space to enjoy even in the colder months.

uPVC Orangery Extension

The client chose a dark brown uPVC frame externally to match the window frames, soffits and guttering of their home, enabling the structure to blend with the rest of the property. The use of uPVC for the frame makes this large structure a low-maintenance option too, as the frame will only require regular cleaning and maintenance checks rather than needing to paint or stain the frame every few years. The client went for full floor to roof glass rather than incorporating dwarf or full brick walls, which means they have a panoramic view of their stunning mature garden in full bloom.  You can see from the outside that the design also incorporated a small, bricked area, which from the inside works as the backdrop to a log burning stove.

You can see from this angle that the glass space forms an L-shape, coming out from the main home and turning to create the L. There is one set of double patio doors that open onto the side giving access to the garden.

Inside the orangery is light, bright, and airy with the combination of white uPVC frames, large full-height windows and a full glass lantern roof.  A complete contrast to the outside of the extension. The choice of dark solid wood flooring gives contrast to the room as well as a feel of luxury, which is also very practical for when people are moving in and out of the house to the garden beyond. Along the front and back aspects of the glass room, the inclusion of small opening windows allows for ventilation to keep the room cool. Having the double doors and an opening skylight window included in the lantern roof also allows fresh air to circulate.

Inside the inclusion of the brick becomes clear as we see it in situ as the backdrop and mantlepiece to the log burner installed on a black quartz stone to keep the space cosy even in the colder months. The fireplace makes for a lovely central focal point in the room, drawing the eye in and then out to the garden beyond.

The lantern roof is finished off with pelmets and integrated spotlighting to give ambience to the room so that it can be enjoyed in the evenings.  The customer chose to add free-standing lamps for additional lighting and to match their décor.  The finishing touches such as white rattan furniture, cosy blankets and plump cushions give the room a modern but homely feel.

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