Exclusively to Room Outside a revolutionary New Generation Glass utilizing state of the art technology and designed specifically for the British climate.  With its Self Cleaning Technology it is perfect for the extreme demands of a room built entirely of glass.

Room Outside were the very first company to exclusively introduce a revolutionary solar controlled Wonderglass™ into the UK market from Four Seasons Sunrooms in the USA back in 1999.  We are still the only dealership for the exclusive Four Seasons products in the UK. This has now been developed further and we believe that our New Generation Glass leads the field today with its far superior specification, reflecting heat and light back to its source, keeping your glass room warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Look up our You Tube Tunnel of Heat video to see for yourself how this actually works with a simple, but effective visual demonstration!

U- Value
A measure of air-to-air heat transmission (loss or gain) due to thermal conductance, and the difference in indoor and outdoor temperatures.  As the U-Value decreases, so does the amount of heat that is transferred through the glazing material.  This is a critical function in that it makes it possible to strike an optimum balance between economy and ecology - the lower the U-Value, the more efficient the insulation.  

Solar Factor
As its name suggests, solar control glass helps regulate the amount of solar energy that enters a building.  Solar control glass saves money by reducing the amount of energy used by heating and air conditioning systems and boosts comfort levels inside the building by controlling indoor temperatures and light levels.  Providing a more environmentally friendly solution with lower CO2 emissions from reduced energy consumption.

Dual Action Self-cleaning Glass
A coating, applied at the manufacturing process, that reacts with UV rays in sunlight to generate a photocatalytic process, that loosens and breaks down organic dirt particles on the surface of the glass.  The surface of the coating is hydrophilic.  Therefore, instead of forming droplets, it attracts water so that it spreads and forms a thin film that ‘sheets’ away quickly and dries off without leaving unsightly ‘drying spots’.  The result: windows that stay cleaner for longer.

Light Transmission
The measurement of light passing through glass.  Too much light can create an uncomfortable environment with glare becoming a particular problem.  Insufficient light transmittance can result in reduced visibility.  New Generation Glass ensures optimum comfort all year round.

A glass with an outstanding specification, offering an incredible 78% solar heat reflection

Nearly 40% more than any other conservatory glass available!


Watch our  demonstration on You Tube!



Important MC2 WONDERGLASS Facts

Deflects Away Up to 85% of the Sun’s Solar Heat
This patented, multi-coating process is significantly more effective than our competitors’ glass at deflecting away solar heat gain and keeping your room cooler and more comfortable in the hot summer months.

Highest R-Value in the Industry
R-Value is a critical measurement that reduces wintertime heat loss.  It measures how easily heat travels through a material, wall or ceiling, which is called “Thermal Resistance”.  In the summer, heat wants to flow into your room while in the winter it wants to flow out.  MC2WONDERGLASS™ R-Value is 100% higher and significantly more effective than standard double-glazed glass at keeping your room more comfortable in the winter.

100% Tempered Glass for Strength and Safety
All MC2 WONDERGLASS™ is made with Tempered Safety Glass which is four times stronger than regular window glass to ensure strength, safety and security.

Unsurpassed Glass Visibility – Inside Looking Out!
MC2WONDERGLASS™ delivers a beautifully clear view of the outdoors, while it blocks out the uncomfortable glare of the sun.  If the percentage of visible light transmitted through the glass is too high, the room will be uncomfortably bright.  You purchase a sunroom for the additional natural light it brings to your life but you don’t want to have to squint or wear sunglasses. MC2WONDERGLASS™ provides a great balance between glass visibility and glare control to ensure more comfortable year-round use. 

Lowest Glass Reflectivity – Outside Looking In
How your sunroom looks from the outside is as important to you as how it performs. If the glass does not have the proper microscopic coating, it will have “high glass reflectivity and glare” and this can be very unappealing.  MC2WONDERGLASS™ has been specifically formulated to eliminate the chance of unpleasant glass reflectivity.

Blocks Out Up To 90% of Ultraviolet Light
UV light is invisible to the human eye but is the light that is responsible for sunburn and fading of soft furnishings. MC2WONDERGLASS™ keeps you more comfortable inside while protecting your furnishings from premature fading.

Exclusive Patented KleenCoat II for Easy Care
An extra step during the glass manufacturing process bonds an exterior coating to the outer surface of the glass, making it super smooth to reduce accumulation of dirt and dust.  The hydrophilic coating makes rainwater “sheet off” rather than “bead up” carrying the dirt away, making the care of your glass so much easier.

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