Room Outside offers a range of specialist additional services to help keep your investment looking like new!

We have a specialist cleaning service called Groom Outside using glass treatments and specially sourced cleaning agents to bring your glass extension back to life.

In addition to this, we also offer a comprehensive Repairs & Maintenance Service to tackle even the most difficult of jobs. If your original conservatory installer are unable to help with any repair issues or damage to your structure then contact our team at Groom Outside and we will endeavour to provide the assistance you need to rectify it. 

Our Groom Repairs & Maintenance Service are also particularly active with upgrading Room Outside Timber Conservatories to the latest glass technologies with refurbished examples that were originally built 30 years ago! 

Desperate to help your glass stay looking cleaner for longer? Then our Specialist Glass Treatment Service if the one for you. We can remove long standing stains and discolouration from glass effectively without abrasive or harsh chemicals. We can then treat the glass with the latest Teflon Award Winning Technology that ensures your glass remains clean and bright with minimal effort.