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08th September, 2021

The benefits of adding Bi-fold doors to your conservatory

Bi-fold doors have become extremely popular over the last decade and for good reason. Not only do they look great, but they also bring in more light, allow you to have a full view of the garden and when fully open they remove any physical barrier between the home and the garden creating a fully blended indoor-outdoor space. Bi-fold doors have also become a popular choice for homeowners adding a glass extension to their home to partition off the main home from the new orangery or conservatory, while having the ability to fully open the two spaces up, creating an open-plan space.

Glass extension with bi-fold doors

Bi-fold Door Options

Bi-fold doors come in a variety of frame materials and colour options so you can choose a look that fits with the aesthetic of your home.  They come in various glazing options and are highly secure offering a multipoint locking system on each section of the door. You can also choose to have them cover almost an entire aspect of a wall or opt for glass doors across just a portion of the wall. The way that they concertina back on themselves when open means that the whole of the wall can be opened up and they take up minimal space, unlike a traditional double patio door, which would need to swing outwards. You can even choose to have the doors concertina on the outside so that they don’t take up space inside. The way that bi-fold doors are designed compared with traditional French or sliding doors also offers a huge range of flexibility in configuration, allowing you to open part of the door to any desired width within the frame, or to have them completely open. Installing bi-fold doors in between your home and the glass extension and/or on the back of your glass extension will flood the spaces with natural light, creating two light and airy rooms.

Often when adding a glass room homeowners want to create an open plan extension to their home, whether that is to extend the lounge to add a dining area or perhaps to make a much larger modern kitchen diner. This is possible, but you would need to consider the insulation, heating in the glass room as well as the temperature controlling properties of the glass to ensure that your home is able to keep a comfortable temperature throughout the seasons.  Adding bi-fold doors between your home and the glass extension is a great option that gives you the best of both worlds, you can open the room up in the warmer months and then keep the doors closed in the cooler months if you are not using the space to retain heat in the one room.

The luxury feel and aesthetic of bi-fold doors is what has made them so popular, they add a wow factor to the home and create the lifestyle that is so often desired for family life and entertaining friends and family. Their open-plan design allows for ease of movement between the home and the garden creating a truly practical and social space. Many of our customers have chosen to add bi-fold doors to take advantage of these benefits and we can help you to integrate bi-fold doors into your glass room design too.

Modern dark grey conservatory exterior and white uPVC inside with bi-fold doors open to the garden

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