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25th August, 2021

Bespoke multi-functional orangery extension in a beautiful country garden

This large, multi-functional orangery extension is a fabulous addition to our customers home and really allows them to enjoy their country garden when it is in full bloom. The orangery forms a p shape, utilising a large hexagonal design at one end to create a relaxing lounge area.  The lounge leads on to a dining area and then out to the patio and lawn beyond via double French doors.

White framed uPVC orangery opening out with double doors onto the patio

The customer chose a white uPVC frame for their orangery as it is low maintenance and hardwearing option and matched the style of the window frames from the original house. The dwarf walls have been constructed from red brick to reflect the aesthetic of the property, helping it to blend naturally with the home when viewed from the garden. Finials have been added to the roof to embellish and finish off the look of the simple and modern design.

Inside, there is a large lantern roof that covers almost all of the orangery floor plan, leaving just a narrow area all around the edge of the glass structure for pelmets which have has spotlighting installed to add light and ambience in the evenings. The glass roof lets in lots of light but utilises our specialist New Generation Glass which has anti-glare technology to reduce the brightness to a level that is enjoyable. It also blocks virtually all harmful UVA and UVB rays to protect you, your furniture and your decor. The specialist glass also helps to control the overall temperature of the glass room by reducing the heat that is absorbed in summer and keeping in the warmth in winter.

Bright living area in a white uPVC orangery interior

The hexagonal shape at one end of the structure creates a spacious lounge area in which to relax and entertain.  Our customer chose cool ceramic tiles for the flooring which will stay cool in summer and gives the feel of design from warmer climates.  The customer is a keen gardener, and this room is perfect for thriving indoor plants, the choice to include window ledges around parts of the room offers space for plants and décor to be added to make the room feel like home. The inclusion of opening skylights in the roof as well as some fully opening windows and patio doors allows for ventilation and a cool breeze to flow through on hot summer days. The external wall has been plastered and painted in a neutral colour to keep the space light and airy and make the orangery feel like another room in the home. The existing patio doors that led out onto the garden have been kept in order to allow light to shine into the main part of the home and can be opened up to allow easy access and flow from one room to the other.

uPVC lean-to orangery with room for dinning opening up to a larger dome sitting area

The lounge area leads into a narrower section which has given the customer a dining area that is positioned directly opposite the double patio doors meaning they can eat enjoying the view of the garden on days when it’s not as warm outside. There is also a single door at the far end of the extension which allows for easy access to the side of the property and garage. The original external door has been opened up in this part of the space to connect the dining area to the kitchen with a doorway through and then also the glass window has been removed to create an opening.  This inclusion offers a functional option for transporting food to and from the kitchen, as well as allowing the owners to chat with guests and enjoy the view while they are cooking.


Customer Testimonial

“We are delighted with our new conservatory. It has enhanced our home and our day to day living accommodation. Family and friends are very complimentary and are wowed by the transformation! We spend most of our time in the light and airy room. We were very pleased with the design ideas and options offered by Room Outside and they did an excellent job with quality workmanship. We have no hesitation in recommending them.”

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