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03rd November, 2021

Large open plan living-dining conservatory extension

A glass extension could be a great way to extend out your living space and it can be used for a multitude of purposes.  Our clients wanted to add an extra space to create a fully open plan living and dining space that opened out onto their immaculately landscaped garden. This conservatory extension would give them an additional lounge area, keeping their existing lounge more private and cosy to retire to in the evening.

The client wanted to add light to the existing property as well as give the feeling of space that flows, so removing the external wall to open up the new extension to the main house was a great option for them.  They had to consider factors such as reinforcing the external wall to allow for the wall to be opened up, as well as insulation, temperature controlling glass and heating to ensure that the main home and new glass room would stay comfortable throughout the seasons.

White timber framed conservatory living space extension

The overall construction utilises two full-height walls on either side, creating the sense of a more traditional extension and making it feel like it is a part of the original property. There is also a separate section to the right of the main extension which created a utility area for our client.  The new extension is a lean-to style with a full glass roof slanting down away from the house, which covers both the lounge area as well as the separate utility.  A gable-ended design was added to the middle of the roof, creating this appealing triangle shape which adds more drama with its additional height and the way it breaks up the traditionally one height slanted roof. The addition of an opening skylight window in the roof also allows for extra ventilation no matter the weather.

The white timber-framed conservatory extension is fully symmetrical in shape from the outside, where you can get a full sense of the entire structure which has been split into two rooms internally. The gable end makes for a stunning focal point, highlighting the large French doors below, in the centre, opening out from the lounge onto the round mosaic patio and leading you out into the manicured lawn and flower beds beyond.  To the left side, there is another set of double patio doors connecting the kitchen to the garden via the new utility room, allowing our clients access to the utility area for removal of winter coats and muddy boots before entering the rest of the home. To the right, there are two large floor-length windows that mirror the style of the patio doors on the other side to maintain symmetry and continue the view out into the garden. As a finishing touch to further tie the new conservatory into the original property, two decorative dwarf brick walls were incorporated into the design on either side of the main double doors to match the aesthetic of the home and the new side external walls. I am sure you will agree this glass extension enhances our client’s property and life in many ways and creates a stunning new space to relax in, entertain in and enjoy for many years.

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