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28th September, 2023

Should I replace or refurbish my conservatory?

If you have an older conservatory or orangery extension already installed, whether that be one you commissioned or one you inherited, you may be considering upgrading or making some improvements. Whether you need an entirely new structure or a full conservatory refurbishment comes down to budget, the current state of the structure as well as what you are hoping to achieve and use the glass extension for, and whether the current building offers what you need.

While conservatories and orangeries can last for decades, they require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure longevity. If this important step is missed it could lead to serious deterioration of the structure, resulting in leaks, rotting frames, broken window mechanisms and more. Left over time this could render the structure unusable and unfixable. The durability and life of the structure may also be impacted by the quality of materials used as well as the quality of the build.


Both maintenance and materials will often dictate whether or not it is worth refurbishing a glass room over purchasing and building a new one. If for example all of the frames are rotten, it may cost more to replace all the original frames that just starting from scratch. If your frames are in good condition, then it may be that either a clean or new stain or a fresh coat of paint will be enough to leave them looking like new.


If the frames are in good condition overall, then one of the most popular upgrades is glass. The glass you have in your structure will impact the useability of the room. It is always the best investment you can make to go for the very best specification glass you can afford, as this will ensure that your glass room is usable all year round. There are lots of different types of glass on the market, but not all glass is created equal. To keep your glass room cooler in the summer months and glare-free, you need a glass that will reflect and absorb the majority of the sun’s rays. To ensure thermal efficiency in winter you need a glass with as low a u-value as possible as well as other insulating and thermal control technologies to keep the heat in and your heating bills down. Changing the glass can really alter the look of your structure, especially if your glass has blown or you have tinted glass before.


As with the window glass, upgrading the roof glass will also make huge improvements in both the look and the comfort of the room. If you have a polycarbonate roof for example, changing to a full glass roof or lantern will create a spectacular focal point and let in so much more light, creating a fresh and airy space. Another option for the roof is to change to a solid tiled roof, perhaps with roof light windows to still bring in light. This is a great option if you don’t have the budget required for the best glass roof options to ensure comfort, as it will be thermally efficient without needing a huge budget.


You may find that some of the seals have gone around the doors, perhaps the door frames have warped, or the doors are drafty. Replacing the doors will make a big difference to the look and feel of the room, ensuring that you don’t get leaks and that you are not sat in a drafty room in the winter.

Cleaning and Maintenance

If you do choose to do a conservatory refurbishment and upgrade elements of your existing structure, then a good clean and overall maintenance service will also be essential to leave your refurbished structure looking its best. A professional conservatory and orangery cleaning service will offer a deep valet clean inside and out. They will also be able to perform maintenance on window latches, hinges, locks, vents and seals. After having your structure refurbished it is then recommended that you clean and maintain your glass extension every 3-6 months. While you could do some of this yourself, cleaning areas such as the roof can be tricky and could result in damage to your room or injury to yourself, so it is recommended to use a professional service. If you have a wooden framed structure, it is also recommended that you re-stain or paint the frames every 3 years to keep them at their best and stop any rot moving in.

Groom Outside Conservatory Refurbishment, Cleaning & Maintenance Services

At Room Outside, we offer an exclusive Groom Outside cleaning and maintenance service available for any make of conservatory or orangery. Our team of Groom Outside engineers will comprehensively clean and service your conservatory, making any repairs and replacing damaged mechanisms or parts. This is not just a quick glass cleaning exercise but a thorough “MOT” and service for your conservatory! We also offer an orangery and conservatory refurbishment service for structures that need a more extensive makeover, including replacing the glass with our temperature-controlled ‘New Generation Glass’. Our unique service will ensure that the result is a beautifully clean and fully maintained conservatory for you to enjoy.

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