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24th February, 2021

3 Key things to do now to prepare your conservatory for spring

It is essential that you protect your investment all year round, by keeping on top of conservatory maintenance and cleaning, especially after the damp cold weather. It is always so nice to do a deep clean throughout your home as we move into spring and your conservatory or glass extension is no exception.  The winter weather can bring with it a build-up of damp and condensation and possibly mould if your structure hasn’t been ventilated, so you will need to ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom inside and out and complete any maintenance or repairs. Here is our guide to the areas to focus on, ensuring that your Room Outside is ready for enjoying the warmer months.

1. Maintain

Clear guttering

It’s important that you clear all gutters and check downpipes and drainage for blockages, cracks, or leaks throughout the year, especially after winter to clear any build up as we head into spring. This will stop guttering overflowing after heavy rain and protect against leak and damage to the rest of the structure.

Check and repair leaks

As we know Britain is prone to wet weather across the year, so to avoid leaks and water damage, check frames, all seals, lead flashing and roof panels for damage and holes where water could get in and damage the structure or even the interior.  It’s harder to repair a conservatory after a leak, so prevention by making regular checks and repairs will help ensure the longevity of your glass extension.

Check all working mechanisms and handles

Check and adjust all working mechanisms, door handles, windows, clear vents, and drainage channels. Inspect locks for damage and sticking; replace, repair, and lubricate with the correct manufacturers lubricant to keep them working smoothly.

Maintain frames

Inspect all frames inside and out for any damage, rust, or timber degradation. Timber frames will require some repeat treatments such as specialist micro-porous re-painting every few years and spring is a great time to do this as you need the weather to be dry but not too hot.

2. Clean

Spring Clean Inside

Despite completing regular cleaning, like all rooms in the home, every now and again your conservatory or orangery will need a thorough deep clean inside to keep it feeling fresh.  Spring is a good time to work your way from top to bottom cleaning, dusting, clearing any cobwebs, insects, cleaning the windows, the frames and ventilation points and cleaning carpets or hard flooring. Also ensure that you continue to regularly open windows or ventilation points to stop the build-up of condensation, preventing damp and mould on the windows and frames.

Clean the structure and glass

You will need to thoroughly clean the structures frames, roof and glass windows outside to bring it back to its best. Be careful when cleaning the roof, it is advised to get in a specialist with the right equipment, never climb onto the roof. Please be sure not to use the wrong cleaning agents as even some everyday household cleaners can damage the glass and frames.

3. Decorate and style

Refresh paintwork

It is always good to keep the paintwork within your space in good repair, touching up any marks as you go, but it is likely you will want to refresh the paint every few years.  Spring is a good time to paint as it will dry quickly, but it won’t be too warm. 

Wash blinds and soft furnishings

Washing and cleaning blinds as advised by the manufacturer as well as other soft furnishings will help to make your space feel refreshed and new again.  Or you may wish to treat yourself to new furniture and accessories to style, maybe even some plants to purify the air and bring some nature into your home.

Groom Outside Deep Valet Cleaning and Maintenance Service

You may wish to tackle these tasks yourself, but it’s not recommended for the more specialist tasks, especially the ones higher up. The more specialist maintenance, and repairs and replacement parts should ideally be completed by a conservatory expert to ensure the integrity of the structure. We would recommend having a professional deep clean inside and out and maintenance at least once per year. We offer a comprehensive deep valet clean and maintenance service that will do all the hard work for you.  With our fully equipped vehicle, including ionic pure hot water system, we will deep clean the exterior and interior as well as completing a full service and ‘Health Check’ on your structure and making a recommendation for any repairs and even complete upgrades and the cost to complete the work.  Find out more about our cleaning and maintenance options or contact us to get a quote and book a clean. After all, it makes sense to look after your investment, and prolong its lifespan.

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