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01st February, 2023

Can I extend my kitchen with an orangery?

If you are looking to extend your kitchen you have likely considered a traditional extension, but you may also be wondering if an orangery is a viable alternative option. Yes, you can extend your kitchen with an orangery. Orangery kitchen extensions have become an increasingly popular option.

If you think an orangery kitchen might be an option for you and your new kitchen, here is our guide to help answer your key questions.

Kitchen orangery extension with a large lantern roof

Kitchen orangery extensions

Unlike glazed structures of the past, technology in glass, as well as insulation, now means that an orangery is an excellent option for a kitchen extension. Boiling in summer and cold in winter glass rooms are a thing of the past. The modern orangery is perfect for extending your kitchen. Their bright and spacious zoned designs are a real draw for customers, who want to create modern free-flowing living and dining areas in their homes. Gone are the days when the host is tucked away in the kitchen while guests enjoy drinks in the living room, today’s living is all about being together and socialising while we prepare delicious delights to be enjoyed. The kitchen truly is the heart of the home and its use far extends past preparing meals, moving into a much more relaxed kitchen, dining and living experience and the ultimate entertaining space.

Is an orangery kitchen extension different to a traditional orangery?

Mostly an orangery kitchen will use the same design principles as an orangery room, such as a mix of masonry, large glass windows, a flat roof, and glass lantern as these already lend themselves to kitchen extension requirements. However, there may be some differences in style and specification from a standard orangery.

It is likely that if you are extending your kitchen, you are looking to open the original kitchen or part of the home up to the new extension, to give you more space and an open-plan layout. If this is the case you and your designer/architect will need to consider the insulation, heating, and overall ratio of glass to walls and the specification of glass to maintain a comfortable liveable space throughout the year. With a traditional orangery structure which is closed off via doors from the main home, you have the option of when to open it up to the main building and when to close it off, which will result in less heat loss from the main home, and so there is less expectation of heating the room continually in the colder months. A kitchen orangery will of course be the heart of your family life daily and very much integral to the original property layout so creating a comfortable environment is essential.

The orangery structure allows for full insulation and built-in heating. Unlike a traditional extension though, the inclusion of large windows as well as large glass lantern roofs create a stunning light and airy space, flooded with natural light. So, you are getting the best of both glass and traditional extension design.

Do I need planning permission to build an orangery kitchen?

Just like any other orangery or conservatory extension, whether you need to gain planning permission or not, really depends on how big you want it to be, whether your home has been extended before and your location. For most orangery kitchens, you would be able to build under permitted development rights.

As a guide permitted development allows you to extend your home to the rear with a single-storey structure by no more than 4 meters from the original property wall for detached homes and 3 meters for semi-detached. Your new extension must also not exceed more than 50% of the total land surrounding the original home. Any past changes or extensions post-1948 will need to be considered in the total extended square footage of your home also. So, if your home has been previously extended it will reduce how large your new structure can be under permitted development, or you would need to submit a planning application.

Changes made to the permitted development in 2019 do now allow for some larger extensions going up to 8 meters for detached homes, but they will require a lawful development certificate (LDC). Some other terms and rules must be checked and adhered to, so you would need to do your research to ensure that your proposed design would sit within the boundaries of permitted development. Even if you think your home would be covered under permitted development, you should check with your local planning authority before proceeding with any building work.

If your home is in an area of outstanding natural beauty or is a grade I or II listed building, you will need to obtain planning permission regardless of whether your plans sit within permitted development rights or not.

Will I need building regulations approval to build a kitchen orangery extension?

No matter the structure you choose to extend your home, you may well be required to seek building regulations approval to ensure that your new building is up to standards and meets the requirements to ensure the safety of you and your home. Building regulations cover elements such as the electrics, drainage, windows, and doors as well as any structural openings, such as if you wish to widen the access from your home to your new structure or completely open your home up to the new extension. To not need the approval of building regulations, you would have to keep your new extensions smaller, with a much higher glazing-to-wall ratio. The new glass room would also need to be completely separated from the main home via doors, with its independent heating system. Again, it is best to check what is required before going ahead with any work.

How much does a kitchen orangery cost?

A kitchen orangery will start at around £40,000 for a smaller extension, but all of our structures are bespoke, and the price will be impacted by the size and finish of the structure. The average price for a Room Outside orangery kitchen extension is between £50,000- £80,000. Every structure we design, and build is done specifically for our customers to work to their budget, home, requirements, and taste, so the final cost will vary greatly. If you would like to get a better idea of what your orangery kitchen extension will cost, our specialists will be happy to discuss your ideas and give you an idea of the cost.

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