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02nd July, 2020

Protecting your investment: Tips to keep your conservatory looking like new

It’s no secret that adding a conservatory, orangery or glass extension is a substantial investment, but if done well, the value it adds to your lifestyle and your property will far outweigh the monetary cost in the long term. In order to keep your new glass extension looking like new it is essential that you clean and maintain the frames, glass and mechanisms to stop the structure degrading over time and needing to be upgraded or even being completely replaced prematurely. Regardless of whether your structure has, timber, aluminium, PVCu or frameless, they all require some level of basic maintenance. If your conservatory is regularly maintained it will last you for decades and can still look as good as the day it was built. Put simply, you wouldn’t spend thousands on a new car, and then never clean or service it!

Yearly Maintenance

You should complete a yearly ‘MOT’ on your conservatory, inspecting all elements and carrying out any repairs to keep your glass room looking beautiful.

The key things to check are:

  1. Mechanisms, door handles, windows, vents, drainage channels and locks adjusting and checking for damage and lubricate them to keep them working smoothly
  2. Clear all gutters and check downpipes and drainage for blockages, cracks, or leaks
  3. Check all seals and lead flashing for damage and leaks and repair and oil as required
  4. Clean all frames inside and out and check for any damage, rust, or timber degradation
  5. Timber frames will require some repeat treatments such as specialist micro-porous re-painting every few years
  6. Clean all roof glass, lanterns, atriums and finials
  7. Clean and polish all glass surfaces inside and out
  8. Chemically treat any moss or algae growth to prevent future damage
  9. Clean any blinds as per the manufacturer’s instructions
  10. Give the whole structure a through ‘spring clean’

Normal Regular cleaning

It is recommended that you regularly clean the exterior and interior frames and glass of your extension throughout the year like you would your windows. The frequency of cleans may depend on the positioning of your structure, as a glass room that is positioned in a shady aspect or exposed to tree sap or pollution will need the glass cleaning more often. We would recommend a clean at least twice a year, plus the full deep clean and service annually.

Things NOT to do

  1. Do not attempt to clean areas of your structure that are at height and that cannot be reached without the proper ladders and cleaning equipment. 
  2. Do not climb on the roof to clean the glass and frames, there is a risk of falling, but also you could damage or scratch the glass or structure.
  3. Do not use household cleaning chemicals, and even some Proprietary house glass cleaners, as these may contain chemicals that can cause serious damage to your specialist glass.

The DIY experts may wish to tackle some of these tasks, but it’s not recommended, and repairs and replacement parts should ideally be completed by a conservatory specialist to ensure the integrity of the structure. We would recommend having a professional deep clean and maintenance performed by a specialist conservatory and glass extension company at least once per year.  They will have specialist equipment which will reach all the difficult areas and ensure the highest standard of clean and repair. Most importantly, if your glass room is still under warranty, not having this done correctly could invalidate your guarantee.

Groom Outside Valet Cleaning and Maintenance Service

We offer a comprehensive deep valet clean and maintenance service that will do all the hard work for you.  With our fully equipped vehicle, including ionic pure hot water system, we will deep clean the exterior and interior as well as completing a full service and ‘Health Check’ on your structure and making a recommendation for any repairs and even complete upgrades and the cost to complete the work.  Find out more about our cleaning and maintenance options or contact us to get a quote and book a clean. After all, it makes sense to look after your investment, and prolong its lifespan.

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