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09th February, 2022

Light and airy wooden framed hexagonal orangery extension

This light and airy wooden framed hexagonal orangery extension is the perfect addition for a smaller space. The choice of white painted frames combined with part painted and part bare brick dwarf walls means that the structure mimics the aesthetic of the house and blends seamlessly.  The hexagonal design is a nice feature and makes a positive impact on the property without being overpowering.

double glass aspect hexagonal orangery

The customer chose to have windows on 2 aspects and then a full-height wall to the one side, giving the new extension privacy from their neighbours. Reducing the glass used within the extension helped to keep their room within budget, but without compromising on style. The double French doors open out from the side onto the patio, giving access to their beautiful mature landscaped garden.  The widows incorporated in the front of the glass room make use of the hexagonal shape adding a lovely 3 window feature that lets light in from all angles.

Moving inside you can see the hexagonal feature window more clearly, taking in the mini panoramic view of the customer’s garden. The choice of light interior frames alongside fresh light sage green paint gives a soft countryside feel while keeping the room modern and airy. Radiator heating was installed to keep the room warm and comfortable to be enjoyed even in the winter. Opening up the double doors creates a wonderful connection to the outdoors allowing you to relax in comfort while taking in the view and sounds of the garden beyond.

The new space is connected to the main house through beautiful oak glass double doors that can fold back flat to the oak and glass fixed panels on either side to allow movement between the space with ease. The mixture of fixed glass and wood panels and glass doors means that even when the room is closed off, the main house can take advantage of light pooling in through the orangery. Keeping doors between the original property and the glass extension means that the room can be shut off when required, yet they can still achieve an open plan feel when the doors are open.

hexagonal orangery roof

The hexagonal shape of this orangery extension creates a stunning apex glass roof shape at the far end of the room. The height and the light created by full glass coverage makes the space feel roomy and fresh. Spotlighting incorporated in the pelmets around the roof edge as well as some additional directional spotlighting creates a lovely ambience in the evening as the sunsets.

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