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07th January, 2021

Luxury timber framed orangery extension in West Sussex

The addition of this stunning large traditional timber framed orangery extension was all about being able to add additional space to relax and entertain while taking in the surroundings of the large country garden. Our homes can often feel disconnected from the outside with only small windows on one or two walls, but the addition of an orangery creates a space that allows you to feel more connected to your gardens and nature. By including a larger lantern roof in the design, a light and airy space has been created. The majority use of glass to all 3 aspects of the structure, plus bi-fold doors which fully open up the front of the glass room to the patio and lawn beyond, really create a sense of connection with the outdoors.

Large luxury white painted timber framed orangery extension on a West Sussex country house

The choice of a symmetrical design along with white timber frames to match the property windows and white painted brick dwarf walls creates an aesthetic that blends seamlessly with the existing property, resulting in a glass extension appearing to be part of the original design of the client’s home. The extension has been fitted with New Generation Glass, exclusive to Room Outside, which provides superior temperature and solar control, creating a comfortable environment all year round.

The interior has a fresh and more contemporary look without looking out of place with the older property. The choice of double French doors means that the extension can be shut off from the main house when it is not in use, but it can also be fully opened up to create a flow from the house into the orangery and then out into the garden. This space makes the perfect haven to relax in or to entertain, especially delightful in the summer months with the bi-fold doors fully open to the patio.

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