Councils overwhelmed by extension applications

Councils throughout England have become overwhelmed by an influx of planning applications for home extensions including glass room extensions, Orangeries and Conservatories

Whilst home owners can submit there own application this is often best left to the experts who do this day in day out and understand the bureaucracy of the local authorities. 

A recent article by Andrew Ellson, Consumer Affairs Correspondent in the Times highlighted some of the obstacles and delays involved and its not surprising since half a million householders have applied to extend their homes since 2010 set against a dramatic reduction in the number of Planning officers.

We were told by David Cameron in 2012 that it would be easier to make an application, but the reality has not been that simple. Our advice would be to use an agent experienced with your Local Authority and who understands the planning laws and complications. This is more likely to end with permission or give you very good grounds for a later appeal.

With the housing market in the doldrums and stamp duty causing home owners to think twice before moving, extending your home is an obvious answer and if done correctly you are also likely to recover the cost in terms of the value that you will add to the property.