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15th July, 2020

Should you move or improve your home?

According to a study released by Lloyds Banking Group, 60% of homeowners are looking for more space within their home. 

But, is it better to move or invest by extending your existing home?

Moving House

“Moving house. The two words that strike the most dread into people…” BBC News Magazine   Whilst initial thoughts about moving can conjure up the promise of a fresh start and the obvious answer for achieving extra space, it may come as no surprise to those of us that have experienced it before, that almost two in three adults (61%) placed the ordeal at the top of their stress list. This research carried out in 2015 surveyed 7000 adults who had moved to a new house in the past three years. Relationship breakdown, divorce and starting a new job were all joint second.

Other than the stress, there is then the cost of moving, estate agent fees, conveyancing fees, stamp duty tax, removal company fees and time off work. So, what are the alternatives? According to the same Lloyds Bank study, over 14 million people (44 per cent of those surveyed) have undertaken major work on the current property, or plan to do so within the next year in order to improve or add value to their home and this has increased dramatically during lockdown. If you are trying to decide which would be right for you, you need to look at the reasons why.  If it’s because you need to move closer to work, you don’t get on with your neighbour, you want to move from a semi-detached property to a detached or there really isn’t any potential in your current house to renovate and add the space that you require, then moving may be your only solution.

Improve your current home

If you love the location of your home but you just want to update your property and add additional space, then staying put and improving may be the right option for you. Extending and renovating your home isn’t without its stresses and you will also need to consider the budget you have available, but it can be much simpler than moving. You could have your dream home in a much shorter time frame too.  If the thought of a renovation project feels daunting, you should also consider the fact that even if you moved, it is highly likely you would at least want to do work to your new home to put your personal stamp on it, or it may even need extensive renovation too.

Extending your home

If you think that extending your home is the right option for you, a Glass Room Extension can provide an instant space-making solution. It can be a far simpler project, taking less time and depending on the style of glass room you want, can be a less expensive option than adding a full solid wall extension and you may not even need planning permission.

But will it add value to your home? A carefully considered, bespoke designed Glass Room will certainly add more value to your property than it costs. According to Phil Spencer’s article in The Telegraph, it will increase the value of your house by an extra 7%. Conversely, an ill-considered conservatory will certainly devalue your property, so it is worth doing your research and ensuring that you choose an option within your budget that will complement your existing building.

Once the decision is made to extend rather than move, it’s important to consider what the extra space will be used for. Many people mistakenly discount the idea of a glass room extension as they are concerned that it will be obsolete in the winter and summer months as it would be either too hot or cold to use. However, with state-of-the-art temperature-controlled glass, your room is kept warm and cosy in the winter and cool in the summer months.

Building your Room Outside

At Room Outside, we have the stability and longevity to trust us to carry out your home improvement. We are a specialist luxury Glass Room Extension company. We are NOT a double-glazing window and door company that has decided to sell conservatories! Our rigorous procedures and high-quality products ensure that the quality of the finished product is always to the highest standard, again adding to the longevity. We have five decades of experience and our 30 year guarantee really means something. We are a Company that you can trust to add a home improvement that will enhance your property and add value for a lifetime. Our mission is to take on the worry of the details, so you can simply enjoy the results.

So, with a beautifully bespoke design, built to your specification along with perfect temperature control all year round due to our superior ‘New Generation Glass’, a Glass Room Extension by Room Outside, could be the perfect solution for creating space. Contact us for more information and to discuss your project further, we will happily provide a complimentary no-obligation quotation.

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